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A small very selective range of representative images from 1850 to 1950 picturing stations,
rolling stock, track and special events directly related to the Victor Harbor
line can be downloaded from this page.

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Trams, Locos & Rolling Stock

Mt Barker to Currency Ck

Goolwa and Middleton

Pt Elliot and Victor Harbor




Images identified with a
are provided in low resolution directly from the SteamRanger server site. Click the box to display the image.

Most are selected from books or periodical articles published by the ARHS. They are identified by the book or article title
Permission to commercially reproduce these images or download higher resolution images should be sought from the publisher as follows;

South Coast Limited,
The Recorder,
50 Years of ARHS,
ARHS Collection

ARHS SA Divn PO Box 16, Melrose Park, 5039

Australian Railway History,
Railway Digest,
The Bulletin

67 Renwick St,
Redfern, 2016

A History of the South Australian Railways
(R. Stewien)

ARHS Victorian Division,
PO Box 5177 GPO
Melbourne, 3001

or as indicated on the webpage displaying the image

Some images have been supplied by the National Railway Museum and are identified with their reference number, for example "NRM AN23141"
Permission for use of these images or access to higher resolution copies should be sought from the museum via their website ""

In some cases the photographer or image source is not known.

Images identified with a
are not archived on the SteamRanger internet server but are accessed directly from the State Library of South Australia's (SLSA) Mortlock Library pictorial collection. Click the logo to see a preview image and catalog details on the SLSA website.

Most images are copyrighted by the photographer and/or publisher of the hardcopy document where they are found. Specific copyright conditions for images held by the SLSA are displayed on their website.

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A very extensive range of South Australian railway images is held by the National Railway
at Port Dock, Port Adelaide
Research assistance can be obtained as indicated on their website at

Photo top right: SAR photo from "South Coast Limited", K. Bird, ARHS

Horsetram photo in header: S.A. Lands Dept published in South Coast Limited, K. Bird



Original Goolwa - Port Elliot Horse Tram
  •    Early horstram at Goolwa circa 1860. Several identified local luminaries on board.
    Photo: Government Photolithographer

  •    Horsetram circa 1875 at Station (unknown) with passengers and locals on platform and onboard. Car is a later version than original cars with enclosed first class compartment in centre. Photo: Australian Photographic Company

  •    Middleton Station with two horsetrams on adjacent tracks 1869 Station Master and passengers waiting on platform

  •    Middleton Mill c1880 with two railway cars in foreground

  •    Original horsetram station and canopy at Pt Elliot (later goods shed) Two horsetrams in platform and large crowd. ca 1866

  •    Capacity loaded horestram No 21 outside Hotel Elliot adjacent Pt Elliot station. Tram with two coupled horses ready to depart to Strathalbyn ca 1895

Replica Goolwa - Port Elliot Horse Tram
  •    Replica of first horsetram railway coach.     Mr Charles Basham seated on replica coach carried on a flatcar for 1954 Centenary celebrations at Pt Elliot

  •   Replica Goolwa and Pt Elliot horsetram on flatcar attached to train with steam loco S131 for Centenary celebrations       1954       Published in `South Coast Limited`

  •   Head-on view of 1954 Centenary celebration train with horse car replica attached
    Photo L.E. Bates, published in `South Coast Limited`

Victor Harbor Horsetram
  •    Victor Harbor horsetram cars 5 and 6 at Mitcham station, drawn by 55 class railcar No9 enroute from SAR Islington Works to Victor following periodic maintenance. August 1948 Photo: Adelaide Advertiser

  •    Horsetram on Granite Island returning to Victor Harbor. Screwpile Jetty and Breakwater in background. 1949 Photo: SA Lands Dept

  •    Horsetram on Granite Island in 1925 with driver and passengers.

  •    Loaded horsetram arrives in Victor Harbor station yard from Granite Island - 1949

Strathalbyn to Victor Harbor Horsetram and Steam Motors
  •    Unpopular "Rowan Patent Steam Motor" car No1 imported from Belgium and used between Victor Harbor and Strathalbyn in 1885. Later used briefly on Largs Bay line and retired in 1894. SAR photo

  •   Rowan steam car No1 loaded with holiday makers 1885
    SAR photo published in `South Coast Limited`