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Railway Periodicals are a valuable source of railway information. Three major periodicals have been published by the ARHS and/or the NRM. A full set of back copies of each is held in the State Library of South Australia Mortlock Library and can be consulted in the library.


The Recorder newsletter was published by the ARHS (SA Division) from 1963 until 1992, and contains information on ARHS loco preservation, tours and other member activities, as well as a valuable record of day to day activities on the public railway systems of the State.

ISSN: 0158-1856; SLSA Call No: 385.099423 R311a

The publication was absorbed into "Catchpoint" (see below) after the April 1992 issue (vol 29, no 7)


Catchpoint , is a newsletter published since 1975 by the Port Dock Railway Museum, later the National Railway Museum. The newsletter used the title "The Mile End Railway Museum Newsletter" until June 1980 when its name was changed to the present title.

In May 1992 "Catchpoint" absorbed the ARHS "Recorder" and from that date includes material provided by SteamRanger.

SLSA Call No: 385.37099423 M642c


The Bulletin, published bi-monthly as a national magazine for ARHS members in all States, periodically includes longer more detailed articles on SteamRanger and other SA railway issues.

In January 2004 the title of the magazine was changed to "Australian Railway History - Bulletin of the Australian Railway Historical Society"

ISSN: 0005-0105

Downloading Selected Articles

From the thousands of individual articles in the three publications featured above (and one or two other periodicals) we have selected around 200 which have particular relevance to the building of the Victor branchline and its subsequent retention as a heritage railway, a cross section of reports on ARHS rail tours across the state from 1952 to 1995, articles on loco restoration and maintenance, reports on more recent activities of our railway and several other particularly relevant categories of articles.

The articles, some of which date back to the 1940s, are categorised under a number of broad headings tabulated below.

To download the text of an Article

Click on the appropriate blue box below to display lists of articles in each category. This will bring up a listing of articles arranged under further subheadings and ordered in date sequence. From the lists you will then be able to download and view the full text of most articles.

        Building, Operating, Closing and Reincarnation of the Victor Line 1940 - 1992
        Tourist and Heritage Trains from Adelaide to the Fleurieu 1964 - 1994
        Memorable enthusiast and tourist trains on other lines 1964 -1994
        Depots and Stations
        Locomotives and Railcars
        Other historical milestones and events 1977-1991

Not all of the articles listed are available for downloading at this time but will be included over the next few months as part of an ongoing project. Some further minor editing is required on some of the downloadable articles. Please bear with us.

PLEASE NOTE: The downloadable articles have been scanned from paper documents of varying condition. Scanning resolution has chosen to keep file size at a managable level and hence download time as low as possible. In some cases images may consequently be of less than ideal quality. If you require high resolution copies we suggest you contact either the NRM or the Mortlock Library