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  Books on SA Railway History

The following books, mainly published by the ARHS (SA Divn)
are available for reference in the Mortlock Library of the
State Library of South Australia

Title Author(s) Pages Pub
SLSA Call Number
and ISBN
South Coast Limited:
a history of the Victor Harbor
and Milang railway lines
in South Australia
Bird, Kim81p 1972385.0994232 B618
The Broadway to Port Pirie
Ramsey, John 1982ISBN 0-909970-130
The Victor Harbor Railway Line Pictorial
Ramsey, John ISBN 0-909970-157
Proceed to Peterborough:
the last of steam in the
South Australian railways
Colquhoun, Doug;
Stewien, Ronald
& Thomas, Adrian
53p1970385.361 C722
ISBN: 0-909970-009
Pacific Power - 621Ramsey, John56p1994625.261 R179
ISBN: 0-909970-17
Centenary of a Railway Town
- Peterborough, 1976
Currie, Roger
Palmer, David
& Ramsey, John
53p1977385.0994236 C976b
ISBN: 0-909970-106
700 - the 700 series locos
of the South Australian Railways
Colquhoun Douglas
Stewien, Ronald
& Thomas, Adrian
40p1968385.36109942 C722b
ISBN: 0-909970-033
2nd edition 1968:
385.36109942 C722.2b
621 - a steam locomotive reborneStewien, Ronald53p1972385.361 S852b
One Rusty RailStewien, Ronald64p1973385.099425 S852 b
500: the 4-8-2 and 4-8-4
locomotives of the
South Australian Railways
Colquhoun Douglas
Stewiew, Ronald
& Thomas, Adrian
48p1969385.36109942 C722b
ISBN: 0-909970-025
2nd edition 1979
385.36109942 C722.2b
600: the Pacific locomotives
of the South Australian railways
Colquhoun Douglas
Stewiew, Ronald
& Thomas, Adrian
ISBN: 0-909970-068
50 years of the ARHS(SA Div)
- a summary of fifty years
Marchant, Ivan130p2002385.0609423 F469b
ISBN: 0-958103-607
Rails to the BurraWilson, John37p1970385.099423 W749b
Locomotives of the SAR
Marshall, Barry
& Wilson, John
60p1972625.26099423 M367b
ISBN: 0-909970-076
The Mile End Railway Museum
- the first ten years
Marshall, Barry
& Wilson, John
32p1974385.361074 M642b
ISBN: 0-909970-072
The Mile End Railway MuseumARHS SA Division32p1970385.361074 M642b
South Coast EncounterRamsey, John72p1991 385.0994232 R183
ISBN: 0-909970-16-5
Specifically related to the Adelaide metropolitan network and the Victor Harbor line
Railways in the Adelaide HillsSallis, Roger
(self published)
279p1998 385.2 S168
ISBN: 0-646354-736
Railways in the Barossa ValleySallis, Roger
Openbook Publishers
284p2000 385.0994232 S168
Rails through Swamp and SandThompson, Malcolm
Port Dock Railway Musem
111p1988385.0994231 T474
Rails and The River:
A History of the Southern Railway System and the The River Murray Shipping

Malcolm Thompson
Alexandrina Council
2004385.0994232 T474
A History of the South Australian Railways - Volume 1 - The Early YearsRon Stewein
(Additional Material Malcolm Thompson)
ARHS Victorian Division

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