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      Fleurieu RailFest 26th and 27th May 2012

Two days on the southcoast with 621, Rx207, Brill60 and a RedHen

RedHen RC428
waits with
Rx207 at
Goolwa Station

Then off across the massive viaduct to Currency Creek

Brill railcar 60 heads across the plains on a Cockle Train

Loco 621 on her train crosses the "eggshell" bridge near Pt Elliot

621 turns on SteamRanger's electric turntable at Victor

621 with seven centenary cars winds along the coast

Rx207 & 621 double head a long train back to Goolwa

Full steam ahead
for 621!

And a "cross" with RC60 at Port Elliot

      621's 75th Birthday - 17th and 18th September 2011

Mt Barker to Victor for 621's 75th Anniversary - 17th September

621 with its train ready to leave
Mt Barker

After lunch at Goolwa - across the Eggshell Bridge

Then along the coast towards Victor

Homewards - between Goolwa and Currency Creek

And then Across the Currency Creek Viaduct

And the sun sets on the climb northwards

Up the ranges through Gemmels station site

A 10 car Southern Encounter headed much of the way to Victor and back with Rx207 and 621 - 18th September

621 and Rx207 double-heading along the coast

Homewards bound - just before Currency Creek

Top of the ranges - sunset at Philcox Hill

And a final
"power of steam"

Fleurieu RailFest 2010

Two days of intensive rail services between Goolwa and Victor
Some station activities - All photos by Kevin Marzahn

Historic Military Vehicles on Goolwa Wharf

Military Re-enactment at Victor Station

Model Railway in old parcels room at Victor Station

Stationery engines at Goolwa

And more stationery engines at Goolwa

Summer Cockle Trains 2009 - Some Different Motive Power

Due to the unavailability of steam power the Summer Cockle Trains in December 2008 / January 2009 needed a full stable of diesel locos and railcars. A different loco on these trains was mainline diesel DE958, which was captured on Sunday January 3rd by Peter Michalak sharing dutiies with Brill 60.

DE958 running round its train at Victor

958 between Middleton and Goolwa

958 coupling to its consist at Goolwa

Brill 60 waiting at Pt Elliot platform

October 2008 Holiday Cockle Trains and Southern Encounter

The October 2008 school holiday period marked the return of steam loco "621" to intensive service following a lengthy restoration.

On the middle weekend of the two week period, 621 operated a Southern Encounter train from Mt Barker to Victor
to coincide with the 100th anniversary celebrations at Goolwa of steam paddlesteamer "Oscar W'.
This required double heading of a combined nine car Cockle Train and Southern Encounter between Goolwa and Victor.

Photographers Roger Currie, Ivan Marchant, Peter Michalak and Andrew McDonough
submitted photos of trains over two weekends and here is a selection of their work.

The Southern Encounter meets the Oscar W - Sunday October 5th 2008

621 heads the Encounter
approaching Philcox Hill

Across the
Currency Creek Bridge

Coupling up 621
and DE507 at Goolwa

"Oscar W" greets
the train at Goolwa

Across the Watsons Gap
bridge beyond Pt Elliot

Double heading of the nine car train
along the beach at Chiton Rocks

Homewards between Bugle
Ranges & Philcox Hill

Loco 621 operates the Cockle Train between Goolwa and Victor - Saturday October 11th 2008

And around the bay
towards Victor

621 at Victor ready
to return to Goolwa

Goolwa station
from the bridge

And the loco off to
Goolwa Depot to turn

Summer Cockle Trains 2007-8

Due to steam locos Rx207 and 621 being unavailable due to major unpredicted maintenance
summer Cockle Trains between Goolwa and Victor Harbor were operated with a range
of single and multiple unit railcars and as head-end consists with loco DE507.

Enthusiast Peter Michalak had his camera with him on several days and here is a selection of his shots

RedHen set at
Goolwa Station

DE507 headed train
leaves Goolwa

RedHen 428
passes Bashams Beach

RedHen set
pauses at Pt Elliot

DE507 leads consist
towards Pt Elliot

Previous Contributions
A selection of photos from our regular contributors

"Last Orders"
621 ready to depart Mt Barker Depot (Andrew Gramp)

storms Philcox Hill
heading to Strath
(Roger Currie)

A firemans view
from Rx207
along the Fleurieu coast
(Andrew Gramp)
621 winds down Strirling Hill enroute to Strathalbyn
(Roger Currie)
621 runs around Encounter Bay towards Victor Harbor
(Roger Currie)
621 and Rx207 cross Native Ave with the "SteamRanger Experience"
(Kevin Marzahn)

F251 crosses the Angas River Bridge into Strathalbyn station
Brill railcar 60 eases into Goolwa Station on a Cockle Train from Victor Harbor
- the crew of Rx207 power the Strath turntable
(Kevin Marzahn)

Rx207 waits at the historic Victor Harbor crossing gates
(Ivan Marchant)

621 waits in the loop at Victor while Brill 60 arrives from Goolwa
(Roger Currie)

SteamUp Mt Barker 2006

Trains operated from Mt Barker Station to Mt Barker Junction with Steam loco Rx207 and DE507
Our choice of photos submitted by Tom Marschall and Peter Michalak of train operations on the 15th and 16th May 2005

DE 350 at
Mt Barker Depot

DE507 through
Littlehampton yard

621 in light steam
at Mt Barker Depot

Rx207 leads across
Cameron Road

Rx207 arriving at
Mt Barker Junction


150th Railway Celebrations
Goolwa, Middleton and Pt Elliot - May 2004

River boats
Industry & Mundoo
at Goolwa Wharf
(Roger Currie)

621 and Rx207
at Goolwa Station
(Roger Currie)

621 heads off
through the cutting
from Goolwa Station
(Roger Currie)

Flat-top at Pt Elliot
with replica passenger
car and goods
(Roger Currie)

Assembled crowd
at Pt Elliot station
(Roger Currie)

Local residents
in traditional dress
at Pt Elliot
(Roger Currie)

Rx207 and 621
head off
across the plains
(Roger Currie)

first-railway passenger
car at Goolwa
(Kevin Marzahn)

Steels to Victor 2004
Steel Cars and doubleheading 621 with Rx207 - 10th October 2004
All photos:    Peter Michalak

621 heads for
assisted by DE958

With 958 left behind
621 powers through Goolwa

Some nifty shunting
at Victor to couple
up 621 and Rx207

Then double heading
along the coast
past Chiton Rocks

And over the
Currency Creek

The SteamRanger Experience 2005
Steel Cars and doubleheading of 621 and Rx207 - Mt Barker to Victor - 2nd July 2005


621 and Rx207
cross Native Avenue
approaching Philcox Hill

Double heading across the main road near Gemmells

Rx207 and DE907
in the back road
at Strathalbyn station

621 at Currency Creek on the forward movement

low angle shot
of the consist