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The Operations Committee has important responsibilities regarding the operation of trains on a day to day basis.

It interacts closely with the Marketing Committee in framing and publishing the annual running program and provides feedback where decisions may affect operational capability. It monitors decisions of the Mechanical Services, Infrastructure Services and Human Resources Committees on a regular basis to ensure all the cogs mesh in place.

Operations - making it all happen!

The Operatiopns Committee dates back to the earliest days of ARHS(SA) running services. initially using resources chartered from the South Australian Railways in the 1980s through to becoming a wholly self resourced operation with today's title of SteamRanger Heritage Railway.

Two key personnel in early years were Tours Manager Dean Harvey and later Operations Manager Brian Busch, both now retired.

Three key Operations personnel today can date their involvement back some four decades.
Trevor Blight (Operations Manager), Bev Sawyer (Vice President and Roster Coordinator)
and Margaret Blake (Senior Group and Telephone Booking Officer) (L to R)

And within its own area of responsibility it has responsibility for activities including;

  • Telephone Seat bookings - Volunteers answer enquiries to SHR's 1300 phone number, make arrangements for payment and allocate seats accordingly. The team also deal with group and email and mail bookings.

  • Ticket production and control - Although most at-station ticketing now uses computerised cash register style ticketing, SHR provides cardboard "Edmonson style" tickets as souvenirs on most services. Use of Edmonson style of ticket dates back to the early days of railways worldwide. SHR has a large stock of blank tickets (of various colors and styles) inherited from the SAR and prints tickets in a range of distinctive colors to match alternative station pairs and fares. Tickets sales are carefully reconciled and used to generate daily and annual traffic statistic.

  • Email and Website enquiries - Operations and Marketing volunteers maintain the SHR website you are visiting. Email to our "info@steamranger.org.au" address is replied to, forwarded to booking officers or referred to other SHR personnel as appropriate.

  • Rostering - up to ten volunteers are rostered on each day of operation into on-train and station based positions according to individual's qualifications and circumstances. Typical positions are guard, train manager, station master, ticket oficer, on-train attendant, buffet staff, shop staff.

  • Train Control - Under the supervision of the Operations Manager one person from a pool of four qualified train controllers is rostered on any day to issue train notices giving advance notice of train movements and train authorities authorising individual train movements.

  • Operational Procedures - the Operations Manager is responsible for issuing and control of documents defining working practices on the railway and at stations.

  • Training and Development - the Operations Manager liases with the Human Resources Manager to recruit, qualify and progress on-train programmes to fully accredit operational volunteers such as Guards, Passenger Attendants and Station Managers and staff.