Mt Barker Depot
- the first 6 years

SteamRanger's loco and rolling stock depot,
built on the site of the disused goods yard at Mt Barker station,
became fully operational in 1997 following transfer of our activities from Dry Creek.

In its first six years the depot facilities have steadily expanded
and major restoration tasks have been completed,
including bringing loco Rx207 and loco 621 back to operational service

This portfolio of images chronicalling the contributions of both our paid staff and volunteers
llustrates the diverse range of activities conducted in and around the depot
in the period from 1996 to 2001.

Most of the photos were taken by our then Loco Manager, Ian Johnston,
with a few contributions from other volunteers.

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Depot and turntable construction

Track maintenance



F251 major maintenance 1999


Railcars and
other Rollingstock

Goolwa Depot

Train Operations

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